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Besides the many big universities and colleges in our state, Florida also has a big network of community colleges, trade institutes and vocational schools too. Community colleges allow students to take a variety of classes, help prepare students for transfer to a four-year college, and award associate's degrees after the required classes are completed.

An associate degree takes two years to complete. And while some students stop there, most students continue on by transferring to another school.

Trade and vocational schools are more specific. These schools are concerned with educating each student in every academic field. These schools teach students job and career-specific training based upon which field the student is interested in pursuing.

Many students find these vocational schools to be a good fit. They can get the specific training they need and get started working in as short a time as possible. Read more about community colleges and vocational training.

And if you are interested in going to school outside of Florida, you can find these types of schools in all the states, including three of the top ones:


Want to know what one of the steadiest career fields is? It's engineering. Engineering offers many different specialties. If you can find your way to getting into a good engineering school, you should be able to find one of these specialties that really interest you.


Culinary arts classes are where you can start your education to become a chef.
Online schools in Florida kicking off a hunt for your future college or school.
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