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Besides all of the campuses scattered across Florida, local residents also have the option of attending online classes. Most colleges, along with some schools which do business online only, offer courses and complete degree programs through online technology.

Some students don't really like online coursework, they prefer the old-fashioned classroom experience, but other students appreciate the convenience and time-saving benefits of online courses. You should find out if web-based learning is right for you.

Some fields of study are easier learned online than others. Fields such as history, languages, finance, some natural sciences, and computer programs are just a few areas that are nicely suited to online learning. Even small niche areas such as graphic design and animation drawing are popular online. Find out more about studying art-based degree programs online.

The legal field has a lot of decent career options. Of course, the big job in the legal field is lawyer, which is a great field, but also requires a lot of formal study. Legal secretary and paralegal are two other career tracts that you may find interesting. You can read more about these careers.

And if you want to move out of Florida to go to college, you have 49 other states you can consider. Some states, such as California, Texas and New York, have plenty of options, some states don't have many at all.

Here are three states to consider:





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