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One career field that is generating a lot of interest is computer-based animation. This field is becoming popular among students who have a certain amount of artistic talent, yet don't have the drive or passion to become a full-time working studio artist.

Computer animation students learn how to build animated works for television, film and the internet. If this is of interest to you, you can find out more about schools that offer degree programs or groups of classes in the Tampa area, the Fort Lauderdale area, or the rest of Florida.

Another field that is increasingly popular is culinary arts. Cooking schools are seeing record enrollment all over the state. Degree programs are typically short, which a lot of incoming students appreciate. Learn more about culinary schools in the state.

Engine and vehicle mechanic training programs are also popular. These specific training programs are often hard to find, and students often have to move to where the school is in order to attend. Students can select the type of vehicle or engine they wish to specialize in -- automobile, diesel truck, boat, motorcycle or airplane. Learn more about mechanic training schools. You can also read more about these different types of mechanic programs.

And if you already have your bachelor's degree, you can certainly keep on going. While earning an advanced degree doesn't necessarily help employees in some careers, an advanced degree is often desired, if not required, in others. Find out more about graduate degree programs and classes.


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